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Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS)Procedures Manual

DBS Online Update Service and Online Status Checks

With effect from 17th June 2013, the DBS launched the new "Online Update Service" which is a web-based system that provides applicants with the ability to potentially minimise the number of Disclosures they need for the variety of roles they may undertake or wish to undertake.

This system is only available to those who have a Disclosure application processed after 17th June 2013 and the applicant has a limited window of opportunity to register the Certificate and subscribe to the Online Update Service.

Click here to view Catholic Church Guide for Individuals Regarding the Online Update Service.

For Safeguarding personnel; Counter-Signatories and employers details are provided below regarding the Online Status Check:

  • To undertake an Online Status check you will need to obtain the following pre-cursor information:
    • The original Disclosure certificate MUST be presented or sent to the relevant Safeguarding Office (it is not sufficient to be sent a photocopy or scanned image of the Certificate based on current DBS guidance) and the identity of the individual must be verified through normal ID verification practices;
    • Check that the Disclosure is applicable to the scheme changes that took effect from 17th June 2013 i.e. "Applicant Only" Certificate and clearly states the workforce the check was in respect of. If the workforce is applicable to the Church role applied for; at the correct level i.e. Enhanced and accesses any relevant Barred List(s) (if the Church role is deemed Regulated Activity) then you can proceed. It is essential that the Disclosure eligibility is assessed for the Church role to establish if there is legal entitlement to use the existing Disclosure;
    • The applicant must have signed a Safeguarding Self Declaration version dated June 2013 as this provides the individual's consent to check their Disclosure status online;
    • The Disclosure Certificate number;
    • Surname of the applicant as stated on the Certificate;
    • Date of Birth of the applicant as stated on the Certificate.
  • Then go to GOV.UK and search for "DBS Update Service";
  • Please note that there is NO charge to organisations that use this service;
  • The online system will require that the following information is entered by the person undertaking the online status check:
    • Name of the organisation;
    • Forename and surname of the person conducting the online check;
    • The details of the Certificate provided by the applicant and the following information is mandatory:
  • DBS Certificate number;
  • Surname of the individual per the Certificate;
  • Date of birth of the individual per the Certificate;
  • The system will present a legal declaration which should be read before ticking the "I agree with the legal declaration" check box to proceed;
  • A result for the entered Disclosure information will be presented on screen. National policy requires that the Safeguarding Office or Counter-Signatory undertaking the online status check prints a copy of the Online Status result as evidence of the check being undertaken;
  • The results will provide one of the following statements:
    • This DBS Certificate did not reveal any information and remains current as no further information has been identified since its issue. (This means that the Certificate contained no content at the time of issue and new information has been found since issue hence it can be accepted as still current and valid);
    • This DBS Certificate remains current as no further information has been identified since its issue. (This means the Certificate contained content however no new information has been found since issue therefore it can be accepted as still current and valid);
    • This DBS Certificate is no longer current. Please apply for a new DBS check to get the most up-to-date information. (This mean that new information has come to light since the DBS Certificate was issued and a new DBS application must be made to access this new information. In such circumstances a conversation should be held with the individual regarding the reasons for the change of Certificate content and then request that a new Disclosure application be made);
    • The details entered do not match those held on our system. Please check and try again. (This means that the individual has not subscribed to the Online Update Service OR the Disclosure Certificate has been removed from the Update Service or incorrect details have been entered).

Remember that access to the Online Update Service is granted by the individual and if an individual wishes to withdraw their consent for the Church to carry out Online Status checks, this is their right to do so. A form has been designed for this particular purpose and this can be found in the Forms Library entitled "Online Status Check Consent Withdrawal Form". In the event that a person should call their Safeguarding Office and express their desire to withdraw Status check permissions the Safeguarding Office can complete the form on the individual's behalf and take the phone call as clear expression to withdraw Status check consent. The form should always be completed either by the individual or by the Safeguarding Office on their behalf to keep an audit trail of the consent change and it is suggested that this form be filed with the original Self Declaration, which provided the initial written and signed consent.

In circumstances where an individual is subscribed to the Update Service and the Online Status check indicated a change to the Disclosure Certificate content which resulting in a new Disclosure application being made, please note that the Registered Body can obtain a copy of the resulting Disclosure Certificate from the DBS if the following conditions are met in full:

  • The DBS released the new Certificate to the applicant more than 28 days ago; AND
  • The applicant has not submitted their Certificate to the Safeguarding Office.

Please note that the results of an Online Status check should be handled in the same confidential manner as content on the Disclosure Certificate itself.