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Catholic Safeguarding Advisory Service (CSAS)Procedures Manual

Recording a Disclosure of Abuse, an Allegation or Concerns

Whenever a child or adult makes a disclosure, makes an allegation or there are concerns about the welfare and safety of a child or adult, the following standards will be applied to record keeping.

  1. When a disclosure or allegation is made in person, whenever possible and practical, notes will be taken during the conversation;
  2. Where it is not possible or appropriate to take notes at the time, a written record will be made as soon as possible afterwards and always before the end of the day, using form CM1 (forms library);
  3. The person making the disclosure or allegation will be advised at the time that a written record will be made and the importance of making a record of information will be explained;
  4. The person making the disclosure will be informed that they can have access to the record made in respect of their own information;
  5. The context and background leading to the disclosure will be recorded;
  6. As much information as possible will be recorded and fact, hearsay and opinion will be distinguished in the record.  Assumptions and speculation will be avoided;
  7. For all methods used to make a disclosure or allegation, the time, date, location, format of information e.g. letter, telephone call, direct contact and persons present will be recorded;
  8. Records will be signed and dated by the person receiving the information;
  9. A log of actions will be maintained using the Form: Safeguarding Children, Young People and Adults (See Forms Library) and times, dates and names of people contacted and spoken to as well as their contact details will be recorded;
  10. The log will include full details of referrals to the Children's or Adult Social Care Services and the Police;
  11. All original records, including rough notes, will be provided to the relevant Safeguarding Co-ordinator by noon the next working day;
  12. All records will be kept in a confidential and secure place and shared only in order to safeguard a child or adult at risk, in line with the information sharing protocol and requirements of the Data Protection Act, 1998.